Construction Manpower Supply

Construction Sector is thriving in Middle East. With fast paced economic growth and rapid improvisation in infrastructure, the demand for semi-skilled, skilled and professionals is on a rise in construction industry. Our  team is specialised in recruiting civil construcation manpower supply services everywhere in UAE.

This sector is a key driver for abundant jobs today and in near future is poised to become a catalyst for building region’s development

We at Primetech are the finest providers of construction industry talents in every scale. With our aim to expand globally, we have succeeded in recruiting the best in breed personnel by helping our customer achieve their business objectives.

With a network of highly talented professional recruiters, industry experts Primetech Employment Services has cemented its position as a leader in Middle Eastern market.

The continual efforts to offer leading results via various mediums have built trust and confidence within our clientele which encourage us to further deliver services diligently enabling us to achieve unheard levels of success in this industry and also in this region.

Our recruitment operations are supported by a capable back office comprised of dedicated support staff that are committed to providing timely and accurate payment and invoicing and managing information flow.

We assure a seamless blend of regional scale, relevant focus and specialized expertise for all its customers in the construction sector

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